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Yorkshire Photographer claims Photographer of the Year award

Wow!!! What a weekend.

The Guild of Photographers put on an awards evening this Saturday just gone (7th February) to celebrate everyones achievements throughout 2014. I was lucky to be nominated for a couple of awards, but I was completely amazed to take the big one in my area of work. I WON Photographer of the Year in the Newborn & Baby Category!!! Its really not an easy award to achieve, To win I had to show consistency over the year as its down to how many points you score over the year. I didn’t even start entering until April so I had some catching up to do too!!

Theres some amazingly talented photographers in the Guild, it was brilliant to see other photographer’s work on show, meet the judges and owners of the Guild. I was over the moon when my name was called out for the next 2 awards. I took the Image of the Year for the Newborn Category (I got runner up image too!!) & Image of the Year for the Children Category.Award Winner, People

Photo thanks to Rachael Foster Photography


The awards ceremony is such a brilliant part of the year. Being a photographer is such a change to my last job working in the hustle and bustle of an office and workshop full of people. At times as a photographer it can often be quite a solitary job, so getting together with lots of like minded creative people is amazing, being able to share in everyone’s success and inspiration. The Guild is such a friendly and supportive organisation and I’ve made some really great friends through it.

Just last month I submitted some of my images to be judged to become Qualified in Newborn’s & babies with the Guild. I got the news pretty quickly that I’d passed and should look at submitting for my Craftsman. Now I know attainting your Craftsman isn’t an easy task, you really have to reflect on your work, go over and over it all again, look at all those tiny details. You have to submit a ‘Panel’ of images and it all has to flow and work together. I spent hours and hours reviewing everything I’d done, looking for that all important flow. Usually this is something you’d work on over a course of months, but I had 2 weeks!!!!!! After rushing round everywhere, getting it printed, mounted, and handed in, it was now just a waiting game! To say I was a little nervous before the awards night is an understatement (ask my friends!!!) The day of the awards ceremony came, feeling rather anxious, waiting all day. I was actually late for the ceremony (thanks Sam!) and walked into a room full of people looking rather dapper in their suits and the ladies totally rocking their dresses all sat down listening to Steven Thirsk (founder of the Guild) give his speech. Time to find my place and sit tight! I actually couldn’t wait, so when things settled down I was off to find Steven and his team to see how I got on!!! I was so relieved to say I’d PASSED and achieved my Craftsman. The first and only male to hold this Qualification in Newborns & babies. Proud is an understatement.

You can see just how tough it was by looking at all the winners here: http://photoguild.co.uk/2014-awards

Some of my winning images can be seen below:

Baby Photo near Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Newborn, Prop, Rob Mank Photography

Golden Award winning baby photo near Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Baby Photo near Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Newborn, Prop, Rob Mank Photography

Golden Award winning baby photo near Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Outdoor Baby photo, composite taken near Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Rob Mank Photography

New baby photo composite shot near Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Baby, Newborn, Outside, Woodlands, Stream, River, Composite, Photo, Photo Shoot, Rob Mank Photography

It really is amazing to get recognition for my work, I never visioned having such a successful career in such short time. I really do have the most amazing people round me, my family, my friends and most of all my lovely clients.
If you’re interested in a newborn session please get in touch, I’d love to have a chat about photographing your portraits: rob@robmankphotography.co.uk



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