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£60 for full session (full session required at time of booking)

Included in session fee:

  • My time and photography skill
  • Use of any of my props, blankets and accessories

Ordering session approximately a week following your photo shoot where you can view fully edited images.

All pricing for products, such as Wall Art, Gift Prints and Digitals can be found here: Print & Product Pricing

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Session Information

Ideally your baby needs to be between 5 and 12 days old, however I will photograph newborns up to 4 weeks old.
We recommend booking your window for you shoot date at around the same time as your 20 week scan as we all know baby’s work to their own timescales!  Once your newborn has arrived please contact me to arrange  your session. I do sometimes have free slots for sessions so if you haven’t booked in and your baby has just arrived please get in touch and I will do my best to fit you in.

Sessions can last up to 2-3 hours depending on your little one’s mood on the day
I aim for a relaxed session with no time limit to ensure the best shots
I am trained to handle, soothe and pose your little newborn into those cute squishy little poses you see in my portfolio, so you can sit back and relax during your session
Some newborn babies experience baby acne which will clear up in a couple of weeks, please do not worry about this. My retouching skills can minimise this or remove all together if you wish.

Please dress your baby in loose clothing (onesie suits are ideal) and ensure the nappy is not tightly fitted so no marks are left on their skin. 
Generally newborn babies will be photographed unclothed, therefore the room will be nice and warm for them. This can make things a little hotter for us adults, so please where something light for yourself or dress in layers so you can keep cool.
All babies wee and poo, it will happen on blankets and props and even on me! but please don’t worry or be embarrassed; blankets, props and my clothes can be washed. Newborns are carefully posed so ‘bits’ are never on show on your images.

What to bring to your shoot?

Your baby will feed more than usual during your shoot, so please bring extra feeds if bottle fed and don’t forget to make sure you are well fed yourself if you are nursing.
Everything you would normally take with you when going out (nappies, wipes etc…)
If your baby has a dummy please bring it with you. A dummy can help to soothe your baby and we can remove this once they are settled.

To book please fill in the contact form, email me at or call on 07738 053 465

*I respect your privacy if you do not wish for the images to be shown online.
Please Note: No products are included in session fees.