What to expect from Newborn Baby Photography

Choosing a Newborn Photographer – Why it matters to consider your options…

If you’ve arrived here the chances are, you are considering a newborn session. With so many photographers out there it can feel like a nerve-wracking task choosing the right one. Fear not; this handy guide will give you food for thought and will help you make the right decision when choosing a photographer for your newborn session.

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Newborn Baby Photographs Yorkshire

Know what you want

Before you start cooing over those cute poses and button noses, the first thing to consider is what do you want to get out of your session? You aren’t having professional photos of your precious bundle of joy just to disappear into the baby album; only to be dusted off and brought out at family gatherings years down the line. You want to showcase your pride and joy, your little miracle and new addition to the family, don’t you?

Choose a photographer who has experience, who can pose your baby safely as well as capture that cute little pout at just the right moment. Remember your session is not just a few hours on the day; it will become a memory; a milestone in your baby’s life and an opportunity for you to take away a stunning piece of timeless wall art to treasure for years to come.

Once you have established what it is you want to from the session, you can then begin your research into the style you love. Each photographer will have their own style. A varied portfolio can display the real talent and creativity in photographer. Have a browse through the portfolios on the photographer’s website as well as their business social media pages. Get a feel for the of work they do, the products and quality they offer. Attention to detail is the key; the composition and the execution of the shots; remember they aren’t going to be dusty album prints but a magnificent piece of fine art that you will be proud to display in your home as a keepsake. The quality and finished image can give an insight into just how important perfection is to the photographer too, and determine how much they value their own work therefore giving you confidence that as a client you will have a gallery of perfectly polished photos to choose from at your viewing.

Consider where they work and how this works for you; do they shoot from a large studio or something more personal like a home studio? Decide how this can benefit you. It is worth noting newborns tend to respond better to familiar surroundings, a home studio is undoubtedly more personal, warm and cosy, this may be a smaller space, which can settle newborns easier. A baby at ease is almost certainly going to ensure cute poses.

Home Newborn Baby Photography Studio


Value vs Quality or Quality vs Value

You may to want to consider whether a good value session results in good quality products.  Are the finest quality products more important to you which in return becomes better value? Your newborn is only a newborn once and deciding how time sensitive you are could make or break your choice of photographer. Sure enough there is something out there for everyone but decide beforehand what your idea of ‘value’ really is. Make sure you are getting a finished product that you can be proud of, one that rekindles a positive experience and a special moment in time every time you look at it.

How much flexibility does that bargain session offer? We all know babies are unpredictable, does a 30-minute session have the flexibility to allow for an emergency feed, that bout of reflux and a nappy change too? Those times are stressful enough without been under pressure that your little one is not conforming and that the clock is ticking. All babies are full of cuteness, however even the most talented of photographer will struggle to get you flawless, well posed shots in 30 minutes.

How awww-some will the finished product be? The final touches can take time. A budget photographer may not be inclined to put beyond necessary work into editing and perfecting those shots having promised you the session and the prints for a small price. Having the skill to edit doesn’t come easy, those techniques require practice, patience and talent.

Working with babies isn’t easy. You want to be looking for an experienced newborn photographer. Not only is this their area of expertise but it also means they will be highly trained in safely handling and posing your baby and have adequate insurance. An experienced photographer will confidently soothe an uneasy baby; A settled baby should be their priority. Avoid those giving you a time limit; a commendable photographer will understand that getting the perfect shot takes patience and your session should not be rushed.

Expertise does not come cheap; have realistic expectations of the cost of your final products whether this is prints, wall art or a full session of digital images. A highly valued photographer in the industry is likely to be in high demand, offer a personalised service and produce a higher quality of work and it is only fair that their prices reflect this.

When is the best time to book? 

Your chosen photographer may be booked up months in advance so book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment . Provisional bookings can usually be made just after your 20 week scan, but if you are just coming across this and you are almost due, don’t fret, a good photographer allows for this in their schedule and can have the odd last minute appointment just for you. You will probably hear a thousand times ‘they aren’t babies long’ and there is no truer statement when it comes to newborn photography. As a rule the newer the newborn, the easier the session is on your baby. They will probably sleep through the session making it much easier to achieve those adorable poses. A credible newborn photographer will know that babies work to their own schedule and therefore have some flexibility with your session date too if your baby happens to arrive earlier or later than their expected arrival date. All is left to do is pencil a date in, secure a session with a deposit and await the arrival.

Found just what you are looking for? – Booking your newborn session

You have made it this far…so how do you book a session. Get in touch either via email, Facebook or phone and I’ll be happy to answer any questions, queries and talk you though the products you can choose from.

I offer an informal, personal but professional service in my cosy, home studio, we will have a chat beforehand about the dates you are considering and briefly discuss your requirements and expectations and establish the best time for the session based on our conversation.  Ideally your baby will be between 5 and 12 days old, however I will photograph newborns up to 4 weeks old. We can discuss things like set ups and props ahead of your session.  With many clients located far and wide such as York, Harrogate, Leeds, Manchester and the Peak District a session will be arranged at your convenience.

I will aim to do a variety of different set ups to give you a selection of images to chose from at your viewing. If you have seen some of my previous work you want to recreate or have something specific in mind then let me know so I can determine if this is feasible and that correct props are available on the day to avoid disappointment.  I will answer any questions you may have in regards to before, during or after your session. You can be assured that any question you ask will have been asked before. I aim to make you and your baby feel as comfortable as possible throughout.

Once we have arranged a date, a booking form will be emailed to you as well as details of how to pay the session fee and a products price list will also be available.

Booking early means you get the time to really consider what you want to get out of the session and budget for that timeless wall art to cherish forever. Once your bundle of joy has arrived just drop me a message or a call and we can finalise the date and arrangements for the day.

So what will happen on the day?

For us to have the best possible session of capturing those unique moments and posing your baby here are some top tips to give your session a head start. On the day of your shoot, plan your baby’s feed so they have a big sleepy feed just before your session. You are welcome to do this before we get started too. Your baby’s comfort and safety throughout the session is my priority.  Bathing your baby beforehand can help them relax but at the same time delay a nap until they arrive at their session. (As much as this is ideal I do know that not all babies are this straight forward so if your baby needs to sleep or feed before the session we can work around it; it may just mean those sleepy poses you might have been aiming for may be a little harder to capture).

Dressing your baby in a lose nappy and clothing also ensures no marks are left on their skin.(All in one suits are ideal) In some shots your baby will be unclothed, so I will make sure the room is cosy and warm for them. (The log fire in winter is a lovely bonus)  This can make it a little hotter for adults so consider this when you choose your outfit for the day. Wearing something light or layers will keep you cool and relaxed.

It may be that your baby feeds more during the shoot, so bring extra feeds just in case. Don’t forget if you are nursing, make sure you are well fed and you may bring some snacks with you to keep your energy up. If your baby has a dummy or a soother please bring this with you along with your usual day to day supplies.

When you arrive at my home studio it will all be set up ready, rest assured your session will not be rushed and we will take this at your newborns pace. Some sessions can be as little as an 2 hours, while some can take 3-4 hours.

Once you settle in, you may want to give your baby a feed, then sit back and relax while I comfort your baby to sleep and gently begin posing them for their special moment. This is as much about you as it is is your baby, take this time to embrace you new baby and see their cuteness. I am fully trained to handle, soothe and pose your little newborn into those cute squishy little poses you see in my portfolio. Newborns are carefully posed so ‘bits’ are never on show on your images.

Everything will be taken at your pace. I will try a variety of set ups, poses and props, providing cute handmade outfits, wraps and props I can create something beautiful for just for you.

All babies wee and poo, it will happen on blankets and props and even on me; but please don’t worry or be embarrassed; blankets, props and even myself can be washed!

It’s always lovely to get parents and siblings involved to capture a moment in time. Parents rarely get any photos of themselves with their newborns and having a precious moment to remember as a family is priceless. If you are tired, or not feeling your best, I will make you look and feel fabulous so you also have your special moment.

The moment you have been waiting for – After Your session

You can expect a sneaky peek of your newborn session to appear on my Facebook Page Rob Mank Photography within 72 hours of your session and a full viewing session within 14 days (Subject to parental permission and schedule).

A viewing session will allow you to see the final, fully edited gallery of images from your session through a beautifully presented slideshow. This takes place in my home studio where you will decide which images you want to keep forever (It may be hard not to fall in love with all of them- luckily I have packages allowing you do just this. I will let you view the gallery as many times as you wish, discuss with you the packages available, the wall art products and recommend which images would look particularly good as wall art and on what kind of product.

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Fine Art Print of Newborn Photography

To book please visit my Facebook page Rob Mank Photography, email me at rob@robmankphotography.co.uk or call on 07738 053 465

I look forward to chatting with you and meeting your adorable little one.