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Twinkle twinkle little star, you are beautiful as you are

There’s just something about been pregnant, especially in the latter stages, when lace up shoes (and heels…what are those?) are a no go, your ribs are being used as a climbing frame as you casually rest your raspberry leaf tea on your 30 something week bump, inviting your mini footballer or dancer to make that signature move that catches you out every evening. Being pregnant can feel like forever but as you beam with pride as they take those first unsteady steps towards your open arms, you will soon be wiping chocolate buttons from their dirty faces and before you know it posting their first day at school picture on social media.  You will have almost forgotten the days you held your bump and wondered whether your bundle of joy would look just like you.

Embracing the changes your body goes through at the most surreal moments of your life is something to cherish whether this is your first baby, fourth baby or your miracle baby, you are amazing.

Expected mothers come in all shapes and sizes, with different thoughts and feelings towards their changing bodies. You may be one of those expectant mothers who adores your bump, you have your phone ready and poised to capture a video clip of a each tiny kick or hic-up but don’t have that perfect image that really captures your emotions; the love for your bump, and the way in which growing a tiny life makes you feel empowered and beautiful.



‘Even now, my son is almost 4 years old and I still get bump envy and wish I had known about Rob Mank Photography sooner and had the opportunity to have a maternity shoot. I was so self conscious about my body before pregnancy yet the minute my bump started to grow so did my confidence. I loved been pregnant and would have been proud to show everyone who walked into my home how pregnancy made me bloom. ‘ Emma, Barnsley

On the other hand you may be the one who is a little self conscious of the changes your body is going through and that’s OK too. Either way, Rob Mank Photography can show you how beautiful you and your bump really are. As a photographer it’s important for me to capture how precious those moments are, to be proud of how magical this time in your life is, to feel confident in front of the lens and feel the pride and joy as you hang the wall art of you looking amazing. Maternity photography is more than just a day for you, it is also for your baby too; it’s a wonderful way to show your child just how excited you were to meet them.

‘ I didn’t like my body during pregnancy, I felt like I looked fat and was envious of the women who felt beautiful, I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to feel; but I didn’t feel beautiful put it that way. My husband wanted me to see myself how he saw me and persuaded me to book the maternity shoot. Rob really put me at ease during the session and had lots of great ideas, I wasn’t pushed to show off my bare bump but by the end of the session my confidence had grown enough to take the chance. I was apprehensive for the viewing but as soon as I saw the first image I was overwhelmed with moments Rob had captured. As the slideshow progressed I could see my confidence grow. I look back at the wall art I have from the session and I am reminded of how beautiful carrying my baby really was. It’s all down to Rob for making me realise that and capturing such stunning images’

Laura, Leeds

As a photographer it’s an absolute pleasure to be a part of creating that special moment in your pregnancy. Women don’t often get photographs of themselves during pregnancy. I work a little different, I won’t tell you when ‘the best time’ for your shoot will be, and I let you decide when you feel its right. Your shoot is ultimately about what feels right for you. I can create something serine and magical, simple and timeless. I can provide the beautiful flowing maternity gowns and wraps to make your shoot totally unique as seen in my maternity gallery. If you want something creative or simple I will endeavour to capture the special memories of your session that you will want to cherish and share with your loved ones for years to come. I offer a variety of packages, fine art prints and wall art to suit you.

To book a maternity shoot for yourself, partner, daughter or a friend drop me an email on rob@robmankphotography and get in touch.